Jayd Jackson

Product Designer

A seasoned product designer with full experience in product development and strategy, ready to

take on challenges and bring product visions to life. Passionate about systems thinking and true

cross-functional collaboration.

B2B Case Study: Complex Data Search
Here's how I worked on a balanced team to solve a workflow problem in collaboration with business stakeholders. Much of the work done with clients is subject to NDAs. Please contact me to learn more.
Financial App & Portal Modernization Case Study
Planned and lead a 10 week modernization project with an output of 105 High Fidelity Screens and two flexible Design Governance Systems, setting the stage for CI/CD
Designing with Product Feedback Loops
Showing how I design by demonstrating actual product feedback loops on a cross-functional team
Tanzu Labs Validating Assumptions Practice Talk
Here's a VMware Tanzu Labs (formerly Pivotal) practice talk I gave on the merits of Validating Assumptions at any stage of the product lifecycle.
Heuristic & Competitive  Landscape Research for Global Payroll Company
Research and competitive analysis of the current state of financial planning apps.
Task Terminal iOS Prototype
Interactive iOS 14 App Prototype. This project and task management app design is based on an end-to-end UX process and recently updated for improved UI/UX.
UX Design Strategy
Here is a Stakeholder Presentation for a four-week UX design plan that would deliver a high fidelity prototype featuring two key user flows and illustrates asynchronous, multidisciplinary teamwork.
Construction Project Management Tool - Wireframing Showcase
Proprietary- contact me for password. UI, UX, Design Language System, & Iteration Based on User Testing for a Construction Project Management Tool.
iOS 14 UI - Fitness App
UI Exploration for an iOS style Fitness App
Remote Workshop in Miro
Here are a remote workshop outline and the first few activities conducted during a live workshop demo
Demonstrating UI/UX Design for Career Foundry Students
UI Examples that show how I demonstrate design thinking concepts and critique work, effectively within the parameters of a remote teacher-student relationship.
Aries Fiber Case Study
An In-Progress Interaction Design and UX Process Showcase. Featuring UX Research, Test Methods & Prep, Wireframes, and Interaction Design via Axure.
Modernizing a Dated Website
The goal of this project was to redesign the UI for a website while maintaining the basic site structure and elements, making for an economical but impactful update. Featuring UI Design, Wireframing, & Multiple Navigation Flow Explorations for Procedure Page done in Sketch & Axure.
Alexandria Real Estate
Redesign concept for a company I admire, along with a Keynote Data Visualization sample
Problem Solving with Design Thinking
Here is an example of how I problem-solve with design thinking while maintaining the goals of both the Business and Design teams who were stakeholders in this project.
Emirates vs. United Airlines
A Heuristic Evaluation and Material Design Overhaul
Voyager Coffee Interaction Design
Mobile design for Voyager Coffee, an artisanal coffee roaster with small-batch coffee beans. They wanted a mobile site that was striking, artistic, somewhat alluring, and which would easily translate to desktop. Feature minimalist design and interactive prototyping in Sketch + Invision.
Axure Interaction Design
Here are multiple Axure-specific interactive prototyping examples.
Responsive Design for Gotham Photography
This responsive design site was made carefully based on research to meet the needs of the business owner and users alike.
Key Page Mockups for Nuclear Sensor Company
High- Fidelity Wireframes for a Landing Page